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Natura Organic & Natural Mattresses, Pillows & Bedding

Organic, Natural & Chemical-FREE: Healthier Sleep for a Healthier Lifestyle

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Room Doctor’s Natura Mattress & Bedding Lineup can you in the following ways:

Reduces Allergies & Keeps You Cool & Dry – naturally hypoallergenic materials resist dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria and other allergens; the built-in moisture wicking effect of organic cottons & wools and natural latex keeps you dry and cools you down. Temperature regulation eliminates sleep disturbances so YOU sleep like a baby. Learn more by Clicking Here.

Organic Cottons & Wools have no Skin-irritating Chemicals - they last longer than synthetic, chemical-laden blends too. The combination these materials will eliminate sleep disruptions and prevent morning grogginess.

Mattresses use Innovative Slat Design with NO Innersprings – Natura’s cottons, wools and latex components work with the contours of your body, not against them, meaning less tossing and turning by as much as 75%!

No Harmful Off-gassing – cheap and chemically tainted foams & materials will off-gass, putting unhealthy compounds into your breathing air and into your body while you sleep.

Introducing Our Natura Healthy Bedding Lineup:

Organic & Latex Mattresses - Mattress Sets

If you're going to invest the money then why not buy the right kind of mattress from the get-go? The Natura Mattress Lineup is full of natural, green and organic mattress choices. They're 100% Chemical FREE! Ingredients like Wool, Talay Latex and Memory Foam combine to regulate your body temperature and give you the most restful sleeping experience possible.

Natural Cotton & Wool Mattress Toppers

Offered with many different options, incliding 100% Organic, Aloe-enriched, and more. Fitted toppers and toppers with different weight options also available. Regulate your body temperature with all natural and organic cottons and wools, and sleep better!

Healthy Latex, Wool & Memory Foam Pillows

With a Natura pillow, you'll enjoy a clean and allergen free place to rest your head for sure They regulate temperature and wick away moisture extremely well, keeping your dry and fresh all the time. There are numerous organic, wool, latex and memory foam pillow types to choose from and all provide excellent head and neck support.

Healthy Comforters

Made with satiny-soft cotton and filled with NaturaWool™, a Natura comforter is all you need for a temperature-regulated, healthy night's sleep. These are offered with many options, including 100% Organic, Aloe-enriched, and more.

Crib & Infant Mattresses, Sets & Bedding

In the Classic Crib Collection you'll find the finest natural baby products, filled with naturally hypoallergenic wool and covered in natural cotton. Soothing to your baby to sleep while regulating temperature and humidity is the key. The Organic Crib Collection goes even further, using 100% certified organic wool and cotton. The healthiest sleep environment possible - Thermo-regulating, naturally breathable, antimicrobial and fire retardant - is within your grasp.


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